Förderverein Leben & Arbeiten im Stadtteil Vahrenheide
                20 Jahre Vahrenheide gestalten!

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The treasure trove in Vahrenheide

Treasure Trove

Since 2002 well-preserved used goods of all kinds are accepted and passed on in the treasure trove. In our shop you will find small kitchen and household appliances, glasses, dishes, books, children's toys, clothing for children and adults, curtains, bed linen and much more.


The treasure trove promotes the conservation of resources and sets an example against the disposable mentality in our society.



Depending on the product or product group, a user contribution of € 1 to € 5 will be charged. Please contact our friendly, volunteer staff, who will gladly inform and advise you.


The treasure trove is cared for voluntarily by club members of the FLAIS and has also become a place of encounter, togetherness and the exchange of information. The treasure trove is open to all people. The use is not linked to any prerequisite.


We invite you to stop by and browse the diverse offer. Bring us your well-preserved things over.


Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00