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Help with application

Competent advice and assistance in job search and in the preparation of your application documents


Without appealing and completely on the computer / notebook created application documents hardly anyone has a chance on the job market today.


Our offer is aimed at those who are looking for a job and who do not have the technical means to apply. We support and advise you in different life situations:

  • single parent
  • Looking for work
  • parental leave
  • Full-time Part-time
  • training course
  • Minijob
  • further education
  • internship
  • Volunteering


Even if you have little or no knowledge of how to use the computer, you can come to us and be competently assisted with all your applications, including internet search and online application.

Learning on PC


Write applications on the PC

Individual application consultation and job search


We support you individually when writing your CVs and applications. All important documents can be scanned, printed in color or placed on a CD / floppy disk or a stick.



Online job boards

Together with you we publish your profile in online job boards. This will improve your ability to be found by an employer. This offer also applies to online job exchanges, which are available free of charge, independently of the Agentur für Arbeit.


For this purpose, together with you, we compile your competence profile and clarify your strengths and weaknesses.


E-mail applications

Many employers now prefer e-mail applications to the usual paper applications. With this form of application, we help you to prepare your data in such a way that it can easily be sent as an e-mail. Upon request, we will also provide you with a free e-mail account for your digital applications.


Personal atmosphere

All conversations you have with us take place without exception in individual sessions. The contents are treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.


In addition to this offer are for those who have enough computer skills, more computer workstations for the independent search of jobs available on the Internet.

And you should bring that with you:

  • All important data for the CV
  • Proof of graduation and education
  • Evidence of additional training or other knowledge
  • Certificates and addresses of former employers
  • Proof of civil or military service
  • All related documents at least in handwritten form


We also support you in all matters relating to work. Questions about services provided by Job-Center and Agentur für Arbeit, the filling in of forms for unemployment benefits I and II (eg applications for further applications, BuT applications, etc.) are also part of our offer.


Appointments can be made individually during opening hours from 9:00 to 13:00. The offer is free!